Touch Hockey:FS5

Touch Hockey:FS5 5.0.0

Fast, frenzied fun with a puck


  • Realistic sounds and puck physics
  • Fast, fun gameplay
  • Multiplayer modes


  • Could be improved graphically

Very good

Air hockey must be one of the most fun things you can play in a fair or at an arcade. Now you needn't even leave your house to enjoy a blast of the game thanks to Touch Hockey:FS5.

This popular iPhone game offers a realistic simulation of air hockey on your device. You can choose to play against the computer, against a friend, or against someone else over the network. Once started, you'll find Touch Hockey:FS5 to be very authentic in terms of the puck physics, and the gorgeous 'clinking' sound effects as the puck hits the edges of the table.

There are plenty of ways you can customize your games in Touch Hockey:FS5, including changing the number of points needed to win, altering the goal sizes, tweaking the volume and flicking the lights on and off. There's even a replay mode that lets you analyze your winning shots much better by slowing them down and zooming in.

Touch Hockey:FS5 is great fun to play, but it isn't very exciting to look at. I feel the game could be improved by the inclusion of customizable puck colors, if not a selection of characters that control the paddles.

Overall though, Touch Hockey:FS5 makes for fast, furious fun on iPhone.

Fixes bug occasional 'white screen' bug Japanese and Simplified Chinese Support


  • Fixes bug occasional 'white screen' bug Japanese and Simplified Chinese Support
Touch Hockey:FS5


Touch Hockey:FS5 5.0.0

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